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  • ArtCords, LLC is a family owned and operated business. The ArtCords fiber arts studio is operated by Darin and Elaine Alexander. Other family and folks who have caught the vision are also dedicated to maintaining traditional techniques and quality craftsmanship on their own, and may be sub-contracted for specific ArtCords projects. All part of a growing variety of cowboy used and interior designer approved collectibles in the form of tack and/or home decor.

    We are pleased to invite you to experience the joys of cinch making... Darin Alexander has been refining his cinch making education for the past 20 years. Using a principle based approach, Darin shares the ropes of cinch making in a progressive manner benefitting both the beginner and veteran maker at the same time. The reality is that traditional cinch making originally required a lengthy process of learning as an apprentice. Due to the interest in cinch making, Darin began offering the project oriented workshop approach in 2005. With the goal of completing a useable cinch, such a workshop is geared more as a per-time introduction providing the means to an end for those who wish to improve the comfort level of their equine and experience the completion of a useable cinch for themselves. Those who wish to experience the principle-based approach find memory retention to be improved and the process to be more relaxing and enjoyable.

    Here is what one student has to say about Darin's cinch making education.

  • "I learned the traditional art of mohair cinch making from Darin Alexander in January of 2006 at a symposium in Cody, Wyoming presented by the Buffalo Bill Historical Center. As a horse owner myself I have always appreciated high quality tack. I was an art major in college and have always enjoyed the challenge of creating design within the confines of different medium. When I saw Darinís cinches at the Cody Museum, I jumped at the opportunity to study with him there. His passion for this beautiful craft comes through loud and clear in his teaching and in turn becomes ingrained in the student that stays with it. In my opinion Darin is the best and most knowledgeable cinch maker on the planet." Pop Wagner
  • Pop Wagner took his first cinch making class from Mr. Alexander in Cody, Wyoming in 2006. The two continue to collaberate on a variety of cinch and mohair related topics and have shared a booth at the Minnesota Horse Expo since 2009. Educational demonstration inquiries for venues in 2013 can be directed to Mr. Alexander for personal training or a full range of workshops and Pop for project-only cinch making classes. Venues where cinch making has been especially appreciated include trade-shows, saddle makers meetings, schools, and museums to name a few... Please contact the instructors respectively with any questions and feel free to partner with us by becoming an ArtCords' sponsor today.

    Dealer orders and custom projects continue to be filled from the ArtCords studio and office near the Northwest corner of Arkansas. Not to be confused with others in Arkansas whom Darin taught the ropes to. Darin has recieved no funding nor had any association with 5 Star Equine products since fall of 2006.

    We encourage the public to become familiar with consumer protections provided in the"Wool Products Labeling Act." The requirements for use of the word "mohair" in association with a product provide that the "label must reflect the true fiber content of the item." Violations of this requirement, whether intentional or not, have created problems with the health and comfort of horses and mules. While we are doing our best to share principles of quality and functional design, excercise of your rights as a consumer will speak for the animals which have only behavior to communicate their discomfort. Your assistance in this effort will help encourage the industry to be more intentional about doing what is right.

    Learn more about Consumer Protection and Fair-Trade Practices:
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    Due to the marketing blrubs creating confusion in today's advertising, we feel most comfortable recomending those who we have ongoing business relationships with. There are a growing number of dealers who have discovered the mis-labeling of products and are going to greater expense to provide products with confidence. We are continually adding such dealers to our Authorized Dealer list when they sign-on and place orders with us on a reasonably regular basis.

    ArtCords brand cinches are currently made exclusively by Darin Alexander. Since he personally hand-plies the cinch cords and many of the other steps in dying and plying our custom yarns, we are truly making custom cinches and encourage folks to keep this added effort in-mind. When making a purchase of authorized ArtCords products, we encourage folks to recognize such as a favorable investment with long-term savings for both working and pleasure riders. Many have shared that their horse or mule has calmed down when saddling up with an ArtCords cinch or English girth. Others have indicated the decision to use as home decor rather than soil them with use on a horse. Whichever approach you decide, the value is significant given the artistic expression, traditional nature, and commitment to "getting it as right as possible" at the heart of Darin's approach. At times this requires backing up and doing something over to ensure the greatest comfort and least distraction for health and safety of horse or mule.

    Darin has also been nurturing and collaberating with independent cinch makers in various parts of the United States and Australia in an effort to increase the availability of REAL mohair for top quality cinches. This is proving especially helpful as more folks indicate a preference for lengths and widths theyare unable to find 'off-the-self'. Feel free to inquire about ways you can support this grass-roots movement.

    For those of you who will be in the vicinity of NW Arkansas, please contact us at your earliest convenience for a possible tour and/or cinch making class/tutoring.
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    The items found on this site have been largely inspired by years spent growing up along the Rocky Mountains. Experiencing the cowboy life of his great uncle's ranch in Wyoming helped solidify the pursuit of this distinctly western style of fiber art.

    More information about Darin Alexander's background in cinch making and ArtCords' educational pursuits can be found in an Article written on the subject.

    "...a three fold cord is not quickly broken." Ecclesiastes 4:12

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